Apps for Kids

Apps made by LTApps which are targeted for kids has a clear indication about it in the app names. Fore example, "Latvian for Kids" or similar. In this category, LTApps pays serious attention to the regulations to protect children online and make their parents in control. Therefore, the kids category of apps are made differently. First of all, these are stand-alone apps with all the necessary functions downloaded and installed on device. Apps for kids don't require (directly or via app permissions on mobile devices) any personally identifiable information from users. This also means the apps for kids don't show behaviorally targeted ads or offer in-app purchases. These apps don't support photo taking, voice recording, social networking, location tracking, push notifications or similar functionalities.


Free Apps

LTApps may release free apps (currently available on Google Play). These apps are supported by advertisers. Therefore, network connectivity and ad displays maybe enabled as per Google Play policy.


Conncted Apps

At the moment, we are building a new category of apps for general public, not targeted to kids. Upon release of these new apps, we will update the policy.


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